life according to steve jobs

steve jobs is what i named my iphone. steve jobs is always right, though sometimes spazzes out and takes way too long to think about things. sometimes we just need some space but most of the time we’re inseparable :)

photo 1

^^ slippers in public. such is life. and i CANNOT stop listening to jt’s new album 20/20. i refused to listen to anything else for 2 weeks straight ^^
photo 3

^^b and i made ourselves a feast. and that’s what the past 48 hours of my life has looked like. #finalsweek ^^

photo 4

^^ is this not the CUTEST limeade you’ve ever seen?!?!? and b and i went through our closets and donated 2 giant bags of clothes. and this was only phase 2 of my closet clean-out. yay for spring cleaning! ^^

photo 2 copy

^^ oops. and b and i were out and about and went to a cafe together because we’re cute like that. ^^

image - Version 2

^^ why, yes, we are the cutest things ever ^^


^^ my mantra these days ^^


^^ body prints in the grass. the sign of an afternoon well spent :) ^^

xo, sarah

camo pants 4 ways

i ordered these camo pants from gap a month ago and i adore them waayyyy more than i thought i would! they go with a surprising amount and they’re the perfect statement in an otherwise ordinary outfit. also, they’re meant to be “skimmers” so they’re just at your ankle but since i’m a giant, they’re almost capris on me. oh well! rockin it anyway ;) here are some ways i like to wear them…

photo 1 copy

shirt: f21, cardi: macy’s, shoes: target, shades: loft

gray and leather: i love this because the pocket is pleather for a different texture and the gray and black and camo are just flawless together. paired with a red shoe for a color pop and this is my ideal weekend outfit!

photo 2 copy

shirt: loft, jewelry: f21

classing it up: with a classy, flowy button-down that i’m obsessed with (last seen here) and 3 gold necklaces piled on top of each other, i’ve managed to put a polished twist on the camo.

photo 1

shirt: f21, cardi: costco, boots: f21

americana: i actually wore this outfit on campus one day and i think it was just too much for people to handle! as i walked by, some random kid muttered “‘murica” under his breath… yeah. anyway, you can replace it with any statement tee for a similar style!

photo 3 copy

shirt: target, jacket: f21, headband: f21, red bracelet: jcrew factory, shades: h&m

back to basics: the jean jacket and plain white shirt just scream effortless!

and b caught on camera my expression when she said my best friend texted me:

photo 4

and a photo splice of them all!!

photo 3

if you want to pull off camo pants, just go for it!!

xo, sarah


i got to go home for easter this weekend! being able to breathe in the seattle air and laugh with my family was just the thing i needed to get me through until finals!

image (3)

my city, my city

image (5)

image (6)

so i went to froyo with a friend and we were sitting at a table outside and this little 10-year-old girl just pulled up a chair and sat right next to me! i guess i give off the “come sit next to me, stranger!” vibe?

image (8)

^^this mac and cheese will literally change the world^^

image (4)

image (7)

our dog sits on a chaise lounge. yeah.

xo, sarah

friday pick-me-up

it started snowing this morning. i know. utah hates me. so, i resurrected my scarves and boots (not complaining) and the blizzard smeared my mascara all over my face by the time I got to class. awesome. so, i needed a pleasant little pick-me-up from this miserable dreary day and i’m hoping you do, too.

young jason mraz is the best. i think even he was surprised he hit that note at 3:09.

xo, sarah

adventures in hair chalk

rebellious sarah is back. and she brought hair chalk.


i saw this on pinterest a few weeks ago and i could not resist! i got it here on and it’s pretty legit. but if you really want to fuel my hair chalk addiction you should get me this. rebellion for dayyysss!!!

i put in that red color in just a little section yesterday.


it came out a bit by the end of the day :( but here’s how to keep it in!

1. start with damp hair.


2.  take the section of your hair you want to chalk and rub it in quite a bit. it fades with hairdrying so make it more saturated than you’d like it to end up. the color shows up better on blonder hair so i tried to put it more in my blonder streaks.


3.  wash your hands when you’re done!! the chalk gets everywhere. trust me.

4. blow dry


5.  apply heat either with a curling iron, flat iron, etc.


6. hairspray




it’s a fun way to show a bit of rebellion while still staying tasteful. a little punk-rock never hurt anyone ;)


miss american + lady britannia

this was planned.


tops: f21, sunglasses (matching, of course): h&m, everything else: random

we went shopping last night and found these shirts together, planned this and wore it to church today and got like 758023984 comments on how fantastically ridiculous we look. we also weirdly embody our respective countries. like i will shout “MURICA” at random times and i’m loud and i will get weirdly aggressive about my rights and b is strange and indifferent and she has fantastically insane hair. it’s perfect.

also, b and i realized yesterday that WE ARE S AND B! like from gossip girl! OMG I KNOW. how perfect are our lives?!? and we are surprisingly similar to s and b from gossip girl, too. it’s scary. and fantastic.


revel in it.


wednesday things


1. this happened. b and i went to einstein’s bagels to satisfy our constant bagel craving and it was closed (what kind of store closes at 5pm?!?!?) but there was this GIANT bag of bagels sitting out in front of the door so we knocked on the window at the worker guy cleaning inside and he came out and we asked him what the bagels sitting out there were for. he said people usually come pick them up and give them to the firemen or something but they were supposed to come an hour ago and hadn’t so he said we could take them. i’m telling you, one of us must be living right! just look at the pure elation on b’s face! we now have enough bagels to last us through the semester. we win at life.

2. i gave up twitter and facebook for lent. I KNOW. how am i going to survive?!? i guess i’ll just have to confess all of my hilarious inner thoughts here instead of on twitter. i mean, someone has to enjoy my hilarity besides me! brace yourselves.

3. do you ever have those days when every single thing in your closet just repulses you and you can’t even bear to wear any of it? well about 5 out of the past 7 days have been like that. my new uniform: plain t shirt with a cardigan and a scarf. (see also- last post)

4. what the heck is the harlem shake?!? i’ve watched like 6 videos of it and i still don’t get it. i’m officially old.

5. i love valentine’s day stuff! i love all the cute paper valentines and cute candy tins and all the pink and red things everywhere but the actual day i could do without. i mean, i know how much single people gripe about how it’s “singles awareness day” but it kinda is. and if you do have someone you’re close to, how do you know what’s too much and what’s not enough for valentine’s day?!? ugh, i suck at being single.

6. am i the only one who has bad hair weeks? because i’ve definitely had like 3 in a row. thank goodness for cute hats and the top knot trend or else i’d actually have to spend time on my hair to get it to look decent. ew.

7. if someone truly loved me they would get me this shirt. a girl can never have too many cat shirts. and you can write that on my headstone.

i hope the bagel gods have blessed you as abundantly as they have blessed me. happy bagel wednesday!



mint // leopard

hiiiii! it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!

between classes and work getting into full swing, i haven’t had much time. also, i’m never home during daylight so i can’t take pictures of my outfits :/ and then on the weekends i just can’t be bothered to change out of my new uniform of leggings and a baseball tee. it’s quite a sight to behold.

but to catch you up on the last month of my life, i’ve revived my online shopping addiction (danger! danger!), i discovered cashmere (and i want to live in it) and i went to city creek (sorry, bank account) so i’ve got loads to show you! and this is just the beginning.


shirt: gap. jeans: gap. cashmere cardigan: j crew factory (final sale!!). scarf: nordstrom. shoes (not shown): target. headband: anthro (similar)

and this is a long rectangle scarf but i just pulled the corners to make it slanted on the ends and then wrapped it around and tied the two ends in a loose knot thing to make it infinity-ish. because every scarf should be an infinity scarf.

in case you were wondering what i looked like literally 10 seconds before this seemingly put-together photo…


yes, that’s kourtney kardashian’s celebuzz i’m stalking. nbd.


and yes, i barricaded myself into the crease of the couch. it’s normal.


red matte lips *mwah*

my life’s motto.


red lips brighten any dark and dreary wintery monday! and here are my basic red lip rules…

1. i use mac’s “kiss me quick” pro longwear lip pencil and their matte lipstick in russian red.


2.  start with dry lips. if you put on chapstick or something before, the lipstick will just slip slide around and won’t be defined.

3. i don’t ever use lip liner unless i’m doing a red lip. then it’s necessary. apply the lip liner to the edges of your lips and then blend inwards. make sure it’s precise. you can also use this step to fill in parts of your lips that may not be straight or might be less full than you would like. for example, the peaks in my lips aren’t exactly even so when applying the liner, i try to make them look the same. in the picture below, they’re a little uneven but oh well!


sexy, huh?!

4.  then, apply the lipstick. just fill in what the lipliner didn’t. i usually wipe a layer off the top of the lipstick before applying it because it dries out pretty quickly, especially since it’s matte.


5.  If you don’t have special matte lipstick, you can still make any lipstick matte by applying a colorless mineral veil powder. I use the Bare Minerals mineral veil since it works well on the rest of my face, too.


6. just tap some powder into the cap and swirl it around with the brush and dab onto your lips. your lips will feel dry but that’s the cost of matte lips ;)


7.  if you want them to be shiny, apply a bit of clear gloss or clear chapstick to give it some shine. make sure you have a pocket mirror though to check it often and make sure it’s staying in place!

8.  a lot of people tell me that they can’t pull off red lips. NOT TRUE!! anyone can pull off red lipstick! it doesn’t matter how young, old, outgoing, shy, tan or not tan you are. just go for it! if you carry the right attitude, you can pull off anything!


go for it!